Message from the president (2016 - 2018)



Dear Members,


It is a special honor and a privilege to begin my term (2016-2018) as the president of HKPNA. Since becoming a member of the Association many years ago, I have watched my predecessors work tirelessly on behalf of our members and our Association. I know that I have very big shoes to fill. My sincere gratitude to Ms. Winnie Lee, our founding president, Ms. Gloria Luk and Ms. Susanna Lee, prior presidents, Ms. Connie Wan, our outgoing president for their mentorship and support all through the years.


HKPNA was set up in 2000. Since its inception in the past 16 years it has gone from strength to strength and actively collaborates with different professional organizations.


Under the watchful eye of Ms. Cheung Mei Ying, our Honorary Treasurer and Ms. Ada Chan, our Honorary Deputizing Treasurer has done a wonderful job of shepherding the association funds. These funds support all of our activities, including production of Newsletter by Editorial Committee, management of our website by IT committee, organizing Annual General Meeting by Social Convener Committee, networking and communication with our community by Community Education Committee, professional growth and development by Professional Development Committee and build our members networking and cohesiveness in organizing activities such as annual spring dinner and autumn tour by Promotion Committee.  


I will be focusing on three areas in the coming years: leadership, mentorship and collaboration. My vision for the coming year includes assisting our members in not only developing their clinical skills, but also their leadership skills. It is believed that leadership skills can be acquired, developed and honed over time. Those building their leadership skills need positive encouragement, support and advice. I believe that mentoring is so crucial to every aspect of our work from teaching student nurses and supporting new colleagues in clinical settings and in leadership roles in every area of health care. We must be much more mindful and purposeful in encouraging effective mentoring. 


During the coming two years, I will be looking for opportunities to increase collaboration both within our organization and interprofessionally. We must explore opportunities for our members and leaders to participate in important discussions side by side with professionals from other specialties and disciplines on how best to meet the needs of children in the rapidly changing healthcare delivery system.




Iris Yeung

President 2016 -2018

Contributions to HKPNA Newsletter

The HKPNA newsletter will be published four-monthly. Articles such as case studies, research findings, work reports and members' views and ideas are welcome. Please send your contribution directly to Ms. LEE Wan Ming, NC (PAE/Neonatal) Office, K-1007, Block K, Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong. 


Tel no:2255 3473 or Fax no: 2819 3787


OR via Hospital Coordinators.


Please note that:

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